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The Institute of Biochemistry at Leipzig University in Germany rejected an Indian student's internship application, citing India's "rape problem" and attitude towards women. Annette G Beck-Sickinger, professor of biochemistry, wrote an email to the unnamed Indian student saying: "Unfortunately I don't accept any Indian male students for internships. We hear a lot about the rape problem in India... I have many female students in my group, so I think this attitude is something I cannot support".

德國萊比錫生物化學學院日前因為印度的性犯罪以及女性地位低落問題拒絕了一名印度籍學生的實習申請。生物化學教授Annette G Beck-Sickinger寫了一封信給這位不具名的印度學生,信中說到:很遺憾地,我不接受任何印度男性學生的實習申請,我們聽說了許多印度的強暴事件;而在我們的團隊裡面有許多的女生,所以我不認為那種態度在我這裡是可以被接受的。



Germany's ambassador to India, Michael Steiner, wrote a letter to professor Beck-Sickinger slamming her decision, adding: "Your *oversimplifying and *discriminating generalization is an offense to (the Indian) women and men *ardently committed to furthering women empowerment in India". When the *controversy caught public attention, Beck-Sickinger apologised for the "misunderstanding", arguing the rejection was actually due to lack of space and not discrimination.


*Oversimplify: 過分簡單化、精簡

*Discriminate: 鑑別、判別

* Ardently: 熱切地、致力於某事

* Controversy: 爭議


On 16 December 2012, Jyoti, had just completed her medical exams to become a doctor, decided to go to the cinema to see The Life of Pi with a male friend. On the way home, Jyoti was *gang-raped and fatally injured. Thirteen days after the *assault, she was transferred to a hospital in Singapore for emergency treatment, but two days later she died from her injuries.

時間回到 2012年,23歲的醫學院女學生Jyoti Singh和男性友人在看完電影《少年Pi的奇幻漂流》後,在回家的路上遭六位男性輪暴並以鐵棍傷害與性侵,內臟嚴重受創。事件發生的十三天後印度政府將她轉至新加坡接受緊急照護與治療,但兩天後還是因為傷勢過重而不治死亡。

*Gang-rape: 輪姦。Gang是成群結黨的意思,rape指的是強暴

*Assault: 攻擊事件


英國導演 Leslee Udwin以此事件為題材,花了兩年的時間在印度採訪了包含加害人在內的相關人士拍攝了紀錄片《印度的女兒》(India’s Daughter)在三月八日婦女節當天在許多國家首映。


The documentary has roused much passion and debate in India, and so of course the Indian government has *banned it. And at first some of India’s most respected *feminists agreed with that decision. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting argues the film will incite violence against women. The minister of parliamentary affairs claims it is “an international *conspiracy to defame India.”


*Banned: 被取締、被禁止的

*Feminist: 女性主義者

*Conspiracy: 陰謀





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